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Troubleshooting steps for DROP issue
Last Updated 8 months ago

**If the customer is not sure of what they are doing or nontech savvy, let them send a photo of the modem or the
Check the number of dropouts in the Router
Ask the customer the number of times they power cycle the modem to determine the correct number
of valid dropouts
determine if the issue occurs via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
For Wi-Fi-related issues you can try changing the Wi-Fi channel in the Modem interface. Educate
customer on factors that affects the Wi-Fi signal
Power cycle the Modem/Router. Turn the modem off, unplug from the power for at least a minute
before plugging it back in and turning it back on.
Modem from another provider may work with us but may encounter issues such as dropouts or slow
speed due to compatibility issues. Let the customer try another modem to test.
PPPoE direct connection to determine if it’s a Modem or NTD issue and allow 24-hour monitoring. Refer
to page 24
•Escalate the issue to Engineers and send a technician if necessary

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