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Welcome to Fiber Corp
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Fiber Corp is the backbone network of your communication services, telephone, data, TV, pay-TV, and internet services at your apartment. We use the same fiber technology just like NBN. We connect fiber directly to your premises (FTTP) which allows us to deliver a guaranteed speed and SUPERFAST BROADBAND, typically 10x faster than the NBN.

Your first 30 days is on us!
It only takes 24 hours for your service to be activated. Check the steps below to get started.


  • Contact your chosen Internet provider to inquire on how to sign up. Your Internet service provider will give you the steps on how to get started and support for your services including setting up the modem, faults, billing, and account-related issues.

  • Most of our ISPs are prepaid, with no contracts and you get to choose any NBN-fttp compatible modem that you can bring to us. Do not be confused with the black box that’s installed in your unit’s wardrobe as a modem, that is the NTD where you connect your modem.

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