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How to get connected
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Locate your ONT box. This is the box where your modem router should be connected, and it is normally close to your wardrobe. It could be black or white.

For the Black ONT Box, please make sure that the cable is connected to Port 1, while the other end of the cable is connected to the WAN port of your modem router.

Sample for Black ONT box:


For the White ONT Box, there is only one Ethernet port below the white ONT box; make sure that the other end of the cable is connected to the WAN port from the back of your modem router.

Sample for White ONT box:


The other end of the cable from your ONT box going to the modem router should only be connected to the WAN port.

Sample WAN port from a TPLink and DLink modem.


Please use the provided cable that came with your modem router or the cable that is already connected to your ONT Box.

Once all cables are in the right place, you need to be able to access the modem router page to register your modem user name and password.

Connect your laptop or PC to your modem router via wireless or Ethernet cable (take note that you still don't have internet access, it will normally say "no internet access").

Check the back or bottom part of the modem for the Wi-Fi username and password for a wireless connection.

Once your device is connected via Wi-fi or Ethernet cable you may now access the modem page by using the IP address of the modem router to access its settings.

Please see the manual instructions that came with the modem. Some modems has application that you can install using your mobile phone. You may follow instructions from your mobile modem application instructions.

Please see few modem settings samples below.


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