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PPPoE Direct Connection
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This will determine if the issue is with your router or with the network.

First STEP: Plug your computer/laptop directly to the YELLOW PORT 1 in the black box bypassing the modem/router.


This is based off Windows 7, but Windows 10 would be a similar process

STEP 1: Go to Control Panel

STEP 2: Go to Network and Sharing Centre

STEP 3: Select “Set up a new connection or network”

STEP 4: A pop up window will appear. Choose “Connect to the internet”

STEP 5: A new pop-up window will appear. Click on “Set up new connection anyway”

STEP 6: On new pop-up window. Click on “Broadband (PPPoE)”

STEP 7: On pop up window enter username and password that we provided youSTEP 8: Press “Connect” button


Please note: All new MAC’s need to have an adapter as they do not come with a direct ethernet port. These adapters can be purchased at your local technology or Apple retailer.

STEP 1: Go to System Preferences

STEP 2: Go to Internet and Wireless section and click on “Network”

STEP 3: Under the Network screen, please select “Ethernet”

STEP 4: Then go to the “Configure IPv4” drop down menu and select “Create PPPoE Service”

STEP 5: A pop up window will appear asking you for “Service Name” you can leave this blank. Press “Done” button

STEP 6: On the Network Screen please put in Username and password provided by us. In this instance Username is Account name.

STEP 7: Tick “Remember this password” then click “Connect”

If you are connected successfully to the internet now. This means there is an issue with your router. We suggest you call your router manufacturer. As they will be able to see if there is an issue with your router or step you through settings that need to be changed that we are unaware of.

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