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Troubleshooting for AUTHENTICATION issues
Last Updated 9 months ago

AUTHENTICATION follow the steps below if the modem does not authenticate
**If customer is not sure of what they are doing or non tech savvy, let them send a photo of the modem or the
Check if the service has been added and enabled in Router
Check LOG in router if there is any authentication event
Power cycle the Modem/Router. Turn the modem off, unplug from the power for at least a minute
before plugging it back it and turning it back on.
Factory Reset the Modem/Router especially if it came from another provider
Modem should be NBN ready compatible to FTTP and unlocked. Modem from another provider is not
guarantee to work with us due to compatibility issue. Advise the customer to get another modem that is
unlock and compatible to FTTP if the modem does not authenticate.
PPPoE direct connection to determine if it’s a Modem/router or NTD issue. Refer to page 24
Log a report to if the issue persists and provide the customer a 24-business hour

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