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New Development/Dwelling Fee
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What is New Development/Dwelling Fee?

In accordance with the Australian Government’s policy, this is referred to as the “New Developments Charge” and came into effect on 2nd April 2016.

New Development/Dwelling Fee is the cost of deploying network infrastructure to new premises or dwellings. The charge is passed down to consumers to help the cost of building new telecommunications networks. This fee applies to each new household that wants to connect to a phone or internet service for the first time. 


What does this mean for me as a Consumer or End-user?

  • Fiber Corp will have a one-time charge of $300 (incl. GST) per household that wants to connect to a phone or internet service for the first time.
  • The New Development Fee is collected when you apply for a phone or internet connection for a household for the first time which means that succeeding end-users or tenants will no longer have to pay for the New Dwelling Fee if they wish to reactivate the service.
  • After the payment arrangement has been done with Fiber Corp, only then you can choose your Internet service provider.
  • Your chosen Internet Service Provider may collect an activation fee upon activating your services with them.
  • You should ask your Developer, the person selling the property, or the Property Owner who pays for the New Dwelling Fee. (New Dwelling fee may pass down to the Developers, Property Owners, or Tenants.)

How do I pay the New Development/Dwelling Fee?

End to End Process

  • Your premises are equipped with the latest in Telecom-Fiber technology and services are already pre-activated by Fiber Corp. This means that there is no need for further construction of any changes in your household and activating it only takes 24 hours after settling the New Dwelling Fee. 
  • Visit our website or scan the bar code below to choose and contact your Internet service provider
  • Your chosen Internet service provider will help you set up your modem.
  • You will receive an email for the New Dwelling Fee payment form if the system determines that you are connecting to the network for the first time
  • The website will give you 2 options to pay the New Dwelling Fee (1.) Full Payment - $260 (2.) Installment - $330 over 3 months.  Please be advised that this is going to be a reoccurring charge if you opt for the installment.
     Please note that failure to pay for the New Development Fee may result in the discontinuation of using the service.


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